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Complementary Therapy


Allergy Testing

Provided by Suzy Cain

Allergy testing is carried out using a kinesiology method of muscle testing. This method does not involve any blood tests and is therefore completely safe to do in a clinic environment. Your results are obtained on the day and you are given a report of all the items that were identified in the test on the day.

Appointments are up to 2 hours in duration as the first part of the session involves taking a detailed history of your health and finding out all about your health problems. After this the allergy test is done and the report written up.

Usually at this point an individual health plan is devised and this could comprise of desensitising remedies, supplements, or homeopathic remedies as well as advice on how to incorporate the findings of your test into daily life.

Follow up appointments are available if required and usually would take place 4 - 6 weeks after the initial test appointment.

Allergy testing prices

Adults (2 hours) £85
Children (1½ hours) £75

We also offer allergy testing for food intolerance by blood sampling

The tests are taken by a simple pin prick test and sent to the Lorisian laboratory where the blood sample taken will be analysed for specific IgG antibody reactions. The results are usually back within 10 days.

The appointment will also be for 2 hours but will be split into 2 x 1 hourly sessions 10 -14 days apart.

Allergy blood testing prices

There are 3 levels of testing which you can choose from

Testing for 75 items £249
Testing for 100 items £299
Testing for 150 items £349

The above prices include 2 x 1 hourly appointments and a full report